Mmm...Meatloaf - But Where's the Beef!!

It's that time of year for me again when some of my clothes seem to have shrunk in the closet over the winter (ahem...).  So time to do some favourites; a little lighter.

Tonight's dinner - Turkey Meatloaf.  Before you start groaning, it's actually really good - give it a try.

Here's the recipe I put together tonight, writing as I went and snapping a few photos.  Often times when cooking, it's not until we are done dinner that I think -"That would have been a great blog entry!" doh!

Jojo's Turkey Meatloaf

4 oz mushrooms, sliced (cremini are good, but button will work too)
1/2 lg sweet onion, cut into chunks
1 lg carrot, cut into chunks
1/2 red bell pepper, cut into chunks
1 stalk of celery, cut into chunks
1 tsp chopped garlic (2 small cloves)

1 lb ground turkey

1 tb olive oil

1 tb marjoram
1/2 tsp ground sage
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp coarse salt
2-1/2 tb Worcestershire sauce
2 tb dried or fresh chopped parsley

1/3 c wheatgerm
1/3 c dried breadcrumbs

Put first 6 ingredients in a food processor (you could finely chop this by hand, but come's so much easier, trust me) and process on low until all finely chopped.  Don't get carried away though, you're not trying to make a vegetable pate here.

Heat a skillet on medium-hi heat and add the olive oil.  When it starts to shimmer (I love this part!) add the mixture from the food processor.  The goal here is to dry out this mixture, so you want to cook it until it starts to stick a little to the pan, then it's ready.  This should take about 12 - 15 minutes, occasionally stiring the mixture.

Put into a large bowl to cool for about 20 minutes.

When it's cool enough to handle, add the turkey, the spices and the rest of the ingredients.  Gently mix ingredients until it's a homogenous mixture.

This next step is crucial - taste your meatloaf.  Of course not raw, put a teaspoon full in a small dish and microwave for about 30 seconds.  It will have a tough texture, but will give you a good indication of the seasonings and if you have to add more salt or pepper.  Don't skip this part, it's your last chance to get flavour into the meatloaf.

Put into an 9 x 5 loaf pan - I used mini loaf pans this time and it makes four of them.

 The raw mini loaves

If you wish, top loaf with store bought chilli sauce (similar to ketchup, but with a kick).

Bake at 350F for 40 minutes for the mini loaves or 1 hr for the whole loaf.

Our dinner - served with wild rice and sauteed cauliflower & baby bok choi with garlic, ginger and sliced sweet onion.


P.S.:  Please do email me if you have any questions.

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