I really should quit smoking...

but it's so much fun!

Sorry guys - been busy and not blogging.  Summer is on it's way and the days are getting longer - which means better light for foodie shots!

We bought an XL Big Green Egg a couple of weeks ago and it has been smoking in full swing since then.  Our meal with this beautiful charcoal BBQ, was a rack of ribs.  I simply cannot describe the flavour.  We have a Weber Performer charcoal BBQ which we have used for charcoal cooking and smoking, the past few years.  We have also smoked on the Ducane gas grill (yes, there are now three BBQ's on the deck - can you say OBSESSED!!).  The ribs on the BGE were outstanding.  The biggest difference we noticed was the amount of moisture retained in the meat.

 We used soaked hickory wood chips this time.

Dinner was simple but yummy.  We smoked/cooked them for about 3 hrs @ 225F.  The smoke really only lasts for about an hour, but that is long enough to get a nice flavour and the telltale ring of pink that means it was really smoked.

Oven baked french fries, baked beans and 1/2 rack of ribs.

It may seem a tad over the top to some that there are three BBQ's outside, but as a cook, it's just like having different pots.  We use each one and they each have their own purpose.

More adventures in smoking and grilling and BBQ'ing soon!

Rib Rub Recipe
2 tb garlic powder
2 tb onion powder
2 tb chili powder
1 tb granulated sugar
2 tsp table salt
2 tb dry mustard
2 tb galangal powder (ground ginger would work here)
2 tb ground thyme
2 tsp ground cloves
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground allspice

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