Union Island for the Day

Today we took the water taxi over to Clifton for the day. We started with lunch at Vennie’s boyfriend’s restaurant – The Eagle’s Nest. I had stewed goat, rice, West Indian chow mein (stir-fried noodles with vegetables), stewed peas and cabbage and carrot salad. The boys had essentially the same except with king fish and gravy. Nice lunch, hearty, however, I couldn’t finish the whole thing!

We’ve had the word out since we arrived that we want to buy some lobster. Being a ‘small town’, the locals didn’t fail to disappoint. While we were eating our lunch, a shirtless black man approached the window beside where we were sitting, and whispered inside, “I hear you’re looking for lobster”. We had no idea who this guy was, but apparently word had gotten around! After lunch, Wendell, the chef/owner offered to sell us some fish, as we were also looking for some. There is no real fish market here like on Barbados. There are fishermen sometimes selling on the side of the street, but no set location for purchasing. So, we had to make some adjustments to our usual shopping. We got some kingfish from him, which he kindly cut into steaks for the BBQ for us.

Union Island is only 5km by 2.5km, so you can imagine how small Clifton is. It didn’t take us very long to walk from one end to the other! We stopped at the produce market and purchased some very nice produce. Most of the produce here is grown on St. Vincent and shipped over. Locally they grow mostly lettuces and herbs.

Next we went to the two main grocery stores to stock up on some meat and other staples. Then we went in search of Jimmy – the lobster guy. We found him and after some discussion, talked his price down a bit for the lobster (we were only able to do this armed with the knowledge of how much people pay for lobster down here). It was still more than we should have paid, but he came through, can’t really complain and got to support the local economy! We ended up with about 4 pounds and cost $25 EC per pound. ($1 US = $2.60 EC).

A rum punch at a local café and we caught our water taxi back to the island.

Dinner was sensational last night. We put the lobster in the refrigerator to chill out until dinner time. To prepare them, we got a kitchen towel, wrapped both ends, grasped firmly and separated the tails from the body. Done. We had purchased 5 small lobsters, so it was a quick job. I butterflied the tails and marinated them in a solution of water, sea salt and vinegar.

The boys had the fire going in a timely fashion and the lobster was grilled then smeared with some olive oil, butter and fresh garlic; accompanied by coconut and basil rice and a salad of fresh tomato and lettuces.


Flying into Union Island Airport

View in front of our house.

Our villa - Rondelei (front of house)

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