Palm Island

Next updates will be coming (hopefully) from my trusty Netbook with pictures.  We leave in a few days for Palm Island, The Grenadines.

How do we find these remote, tiny islands to go to??  We like to make sure when we go away that we are going to get guaranteed hot weather - this means going pretty far south - closer to the equator the better.  We love the Grenadines - many small islands in close proximity - perfect for day sails and beach BBQ's.  We've been to Bequia twice and sailing through the Tobago Cays a couple of times (once on the Friendship Rose - which was amazing!).  When we were deciding where to go this winter, we looked up a map of The Grenadines, picked an island, then started making inquiries regarding accommodations.  We still have a few islands to explore though.

Palm Island is a private 135-acre island in The Grenadines located 1 mile east of Union Island.  We are renting a house with a friend and spending one week there, then one week in Barbados (our second home, it seems like).

We get to Palm by flying into Barbados, then taking a smaller plane to Union Island to shop for provisions aka rum, then a 10-minute boat ride to Palm Island (with a quick stop at Happy Island for a beverage).  There are no grocery stores on Palm, so we are going to get as much as we can the first day and then make polite requests to our housekeeper to bring stuff over on her daily trips.

Just in our final stages now - getting some currency - they use EC (Eastern Caribbean) dollars in St. Vincent.

Here is a photo taken during a day sail through the Tobago Cays.

More soon!

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