On Palm at last

On Palm at Last

After a hearty and delicious breakfast at the Butterfly Beach Hotel, we were whisked away to the airport to catch our flight to the island.  We checked in, chatted with a few fellow travelers then headed inside for some lunch.  Some fish cutters and a Banks beer for the boys and a chicken cutter and ice tea for me.  We then headed over to the departure lounge.  We were fortunate in that we were the only three passengers on the flight, so we were able to leave as soon as we boarded.

The flight over was smooth and the scenery was beautiful.  We had a nice last view of Barbados.  Flying over The Grenadines was truly beautiful.  I was able to snap a couple of photos from my seat.  We landed, went through customs and outside the main airport building. 

Heather, the woman who organized our rental, was there to meet us.  The plane had arrived early; however, she heard the plane flying overhead and had enough time to meet us as we were just getting our bags.  Yes, Union Island is that small.

She drove us into town with our stuff (a 4 minute drive) and dropped us off to do a little shopping.  There are three grocery stores in the capital, Clifton.  We made the rounds to all three and were able to purchase enough stuff for about 3 days.  On Friday we will head back into Clifton for more provisions (aka beer!).  Food here is very expensive as everything has to be shipped over from St. Vincent.   You can find pretty much anything you need on Union, if you are willing to pay for it.

We then boarded our transport for the island.  A small boat operated by Wayne, a local who actually lives on Palm.  Didn’t think there were any permanent residents here, apparently there are.  Wayne said he wasn’t sure how many people actually lived here…

It’s about a 10 minute boat ride over to the island.  We arrived at the dock and were shown the path to walk over to our accommodation.  Wayne then loaded up a golf cart and brought our stuff over for us.  We met our housekeeper, Vennie, and put away our groceries.

The house is very spacious and open with views of the ocean visible out the back of the house through 4 large glass sliding doors.  We are very comfortable – so far, so good.

Flying over the Tobago Cays Marine Park.

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