Day Sail on Yannis

Today we decided to take a catamaran day sail on the Yannis (owned by the resort).  We were picked up at 10am on the beach and boarded our transport.  Once again there was only the three of us.  This year they say, things here have been slow.  We were actually surprised that they even bothered to go.  The crew outnumbered the  guests!  LOL.

Saltwhistle Bay - Mayreux

We set sail for Mayreux, one of the Grenadine Islands.  It is quite small and there are only 300 residents in the village.  They survive on whatever sailboats and tours come their way.  There is a restaurant at Saltwhistle Bay (where we dined 6 years ago) and a smaller eatery serving local food and BBQ.  We did a bit of exploring here and purchased a t-shirt - now Dale has his Hairoun shirt to add to his collection.  Hairoun is the local Vincentian beer.

After an hour of exploring and swimming, we left and headed for the Tobago Cays (Keys) Marine Park.  We pulled up and went for a nice long snorkel.  The water here is warm and the fish are plentiful.  The coral formations, I'm sure, are no where near as bright as they used to be; but they were still fascinating to us.  Lots of brightly coloured fish of all sizes.

We got back on board and were served a delicious lunch:  curry chicken, lentils and rice, coleslaw, fresh tomato and cucumber slices, and some fresh baked bread.  The rum punch was flowing, which would tell it's own story later...

After lunch (against all of our mothers' advice I am sure), we went swimming again.  This time there were some turtles nearby.

Our day was coming to an end, so we boarded Yannis once more and sailed back to Palm Island.  The crew was great, lunch was awesome, the rum punches were to be respected.  Another stellar day!

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