Frenched Rack of Venison with Balsamic Glaze

With the holiday season approaching, I am trying to add some more dishes to my Personal Chef service menu. But, the research must come first. Although I am a brave cook, and have adapted/cooked dishes for the first time for clients at a dinner party, not this time. (Yes, I realize this could have led to disastrous results, but I've been doing this a while ;-) ).

I've cooked venison a couple of times before, but not a rack. I was watching Hell's Kitchen a while back and one of the contestants did a lovely rack of venison. It looked so good and rich, I just had to try it.

Apparently getting my hands on a rack of venison was not as easy as I thought it would be. I tried several stores that I thought would have had it, they did, but not in rack form. I called my favourite butcher shop and they told me they could order it in for me.

I picked it up a few days later - it looked absolutely beautiful. Neatly frenched bones, and meat that looked like it had been stained with beets! It came with 10 bones on the rack. I cleaned it, took off the silver skin, cut it in half and froze the rest for another cooking adventure, another night.

Did my usual research on cooking methods/ideas and ended up with a preparation that was pretty good. I think for the other half of the rack, I will adapt a favourite rack of lamb recipe (stay tuned!).

The glaze was a mixture of balsamic, Worcestshire, olive oil, s & p. I tasted it and wasn't quite satisfied with the blend - a little tart for my taste. I added some dijon mustard, dehydrated garlic flakes and some balsamic blaze - I have used this before and love it! It's basically balsamic vinegar that has been reduced to a syrup consistency - it's called 'Blaze'

I pan seared the rack, the finished it in the oven for about 20 minutes until rare. The glaze was applied about every 5 minutes. It was really tasty and will be even better next time.


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