Day 9 Ios

Today we arrived at the island of Ios – a supposed legendary party island. Perhaps not so much this time of year LOL. We were reading Matt Barrett’s Greek tips and he says that if you are under 25, you won’t have a nice time here. Well considering we are all over 25, some over three times that, we did pretty well!

We had an early lunch and drinks at a local taverna of Greek salad – of course, we take advantage of having this fresh village salad whenever we can! They also served their wine in one-litre tinted aluminum wine jugs. They looked like a giant mug! No, not a single serving! This time we had the salad with a fresh made local cheese. Soft, creamy and slightly tangy – reminiscent of ricotta cheese in texture; there was also Grandma’s beef meatballs – served in a small earthenware dish and baked with feta on top and delicious tomatoes; two orders of pasta al olio – spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and fresh parsley; an interesting dip of sour cream and beets served with rusks; and a dish we had for the first time called pasticcio – like a baked macaroni pie with ground beef, cheese and a thin layer of beschamel sauce on top. Divine.

The four of us rented two four-wheelers and took a drive around the island. The parents stayed behind for some drinks and snacks on the boat. We drove on a very steep, very long highway which ended up going nowhere! We were not amused. Although, it did lead us to a local landmark – Homer’s tomb (not Simpson!) We parked the bikes and walked up to the look-up. Homer’s tomb was up another small rise. The view was quite spectacular, we just weren’t looking forward to the long, steep drive back!

There are many bars and nightclubs here. The one we settled on seemed a little more family owned. The server/owner brought Eric right into the kitchen to show him the fresh catch of the day. He settled on a nice Dorado, grilled, delicious. Some of the other meals we had included tuna pizza with green peppers and capers – awesome. Special pizza with mushrooms, bacon, pepperoni, and green peppers – the crusts on the pizza were wonderfully thin and crispy! Grilled swordfish skewers, schnitzel and a delicious dessert.

We have noticed an interesting custom in Greece when at a restaurant, which has happened to us most times we were out. Seems when you ask for the bill, you get a free dessert! Tonight’s kitchen surprise was an unctuous Greek yogurt served with preserved carrots on top. The carrots were preserved in lemon and sugar and resembled marmalade. A very nice end to our evening. We saw a couple more super yachts that we plan on looking up when we get home. One was called the Dragon the other was called the Sea Bass – they make our 43-footer seem a little puny and common tee hee hee.

We are setting sail for Sifnos tomorrow morning at 09h00.

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