Day 8 Santorini

Another beautiful day in the Cyclades. We have decided that it is easier to do breakfast in shifts – the parents had their breakfast first, then we had our breakfast. The parents left around 10h00 to take the city bus to do a trip around the island. Rob and Dale left around 11h00 and returned with our transportation for the day – two 50cc four-wheelers.

We hopped aboard and toured around the island. It was so nice – beautiful scenery, nice breeze – and bus exhaust – in our faces. Ahhhh, Greece. We stopped for lunch in Fira at a nice café which over looked the bay and cruise ships – actually, it overlooked the route that we took in yesterday. Also overlooking the intrepid tourists and donkeys coming up the windy path – of course we were enjoying some Mythos watching them sweat. We’re not THAT crazy afterall – in 29C heat!

Lunch was very nice – Greek salad, gyros, stuffed tomatoes and souvlaki. Another wonderful meal. Greek food is different here and the portions are quite a bit smaller than the ones we get at the Greek Souvlaki House on Prince of Wales!

We then toured around some more and stopped at the Santorini Winery for a tasting – a small one for the drivers of course. The winery is on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. There were two weddings going on at the same time. There was a small boutique there as well where I picked up a Greek cookbook – good things to come…

We got back to the boat around 17h00 – and had some sundowners. The boys are currently off on a beverage run…more later.

Later – dinner was on the boat this evening. While we were in Athens doing our shopping we picked up some beef in a bag from the butcher. Now this sounds much more appetizer than it appears. In the bag was stewing beef, feta, tomato and peppers. You are supposed to put the bag in a casserole dish and bake it for 2 ½ hrs. However, the bag had a hole in it so we put it in a lasagna pan and cooked it for about 3 hrs. We served it with some mashed potatoes with olive oil and fresh chopped parsley. Lori and Rob had the wonderful idea of going out to buy some fresh bread at the bakery and returned not only with fresh bread, but with two ready-made Greek salads. It was a nice dinner, the beef was extremely tender and the feta melted into chewy caramelized chunks – YUM! Dinner was followed by another episode of Durham County.

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