Day 7 Santorini

There is no way to accurately describe how beautiful it is here when pulling into the bay. On one hand, the scenery is so breathtaking it doesn’t look real; on the other hand it is just as we imagined. As the scenery comes into focus, what appeared to be white rock on top of the cliffs are perfect tiny white houses with blue doors. Some of them with rounded dome roofs painted blue to match the sky.
The weather is very warm – around 26C already, so going to be another gorgeous day. We saw several cruise ships and felt very insignificant as we passed – even though our boat is 43 feet long.
The cliffs are quite something with long winding walkways and roads – there are many more tourists here than some of the other islands we have visited. The range of colours is also quite amazing – from igneous black to raw sugar. Lovely shades of magenta also. This island also seems quite modern compared to Milos and Folegandros.
We are taking a long slow tour around the island before we head into the marina. We are very much looking forward to exploring this island. Hoping to rent some four-wheelers for a tour.
More later…
Had a lovely lunch at Taverna Limanaki just beside the harbour. They had a lunch special – 27 Euros for two people for Greek Salad, Fava Bean Puree – similar to hummus – served with sliced red onion, olive oil and an olive in the middle; then we ordered some beef meatballs and some tomato balls - the ones here are much better than in Milos; then our main course was a plate of fresh fried anchovies – which were very much like fresh smelts. Extremely delicious.
We were quite full after this and headed back to the boat for a siesta. We didn’t have dinner, only some cheese and crackers and watched two episodes of Durham County Season 1 on the laptop – we piped the audio through the boat speakers – quite decadent really…

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