Day 6 Folegandros

Anchors up and out of the harbour at around 09h00 – after a little bit of mechanical difficulty, we seem to be on our way. It is warm already – sweat is already starting to trickle. It is a very still day and we expect to have to motor most of the way to the island.
Eric was up bright and early to fetch coffee for everyone, then Lori and I headed to the bakery and market for some last minute provisioning. The bakery smelled soooo good.
More later…

We picked up some pastries – oval shaped pizzas with cheese, bacon, tomato and green pepper; ham and cheese croissants; spanakopita baked into an S shape; and a long flat loaf with sausages, tomato and cheese baked right into them. Very delicious.
We arrived at Folegandros mid-afternoon. This tiny island is very traditional Greece – a few small hotels and cafes and more in the small town which is about 3 km from the harbour. We took a walk on the beach – not sandy, but large pebbles – sore on our tender Canadian feet. The water was quite frigid, but we stuck our toes in.
The buildings here are mostly square, unlike some of the more rounded structures that we have been seeing. The boys went for a walk and found a small bakery/market/butcher shop/produce store which was just about closing up for the season. The cleaned him out of his beer supply and headed back to the boat.
We dined on board Satyam Melody. Dinner consisted of egg noodles with tomato sauce, green peppers and sausage; salad with dill vinaigrette; broiled pita with spices. Very tasty. We stayed up once again until around midnight. It was a cool clear night and we enjoyed some star gazing before bed.
Heading to Santorini tomorrow…

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