Day 5 Adamas, Milos

A nice ‘late’ sleep today – we weren’t awakened by our elders until at least 08h30. By 09h00 it is 22C and supposed to warm up nicely today. Plan on doing some sightseeing today – hopefully renting some scooters or something to tour around the island. Off to breakfast shortly…more later.

Later…just back from our Excellent Adventure. Rented a small Kia and toured the island. Only once did we go the wrong way on a one-way with a small Greek man in a car furiously waving us off the path. Deep sigh and backseat driver giggles.

We arrived at Sarakiniko beach. What a spectacular site. Felt like we were on another planet. Parched white stone against a light indigo sky. Very breathtaking. Swimming was a little chilly, we only waded in, but it was a nice refresher. The Mythos in our cooler came in very handy.

Back at the boat we doubled our daily ouzo ration - we are now treading in very dangerous waters – will have to let you know how it turned out later…

Later…went out to dinner at a wonderful seafood restaurant that we scouted out earlier. Some of our meals included octopus spaghetti, chicken souvlaki, pork souvlaki, linguine with shrimp, moussaka, seafood paella and grilled calamari. Wonderful dinner sitting seaside in Adamos.

Got back to the boat and had some champagne to continue the celebration Lori and Rob’s 25th anniversary. Late night, in bed around midnight – everyone!

Heading to Folegandros Island tomorrow.

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