Day 15 Athens, Kalamaki Marina

We left Sounion after breakfast this morning at 09h45. A nice sleep-in morning for our skipper. Breakfast was a frittata of leftover hashbrowns, salami, eggs and cheese served with home made salsa. Also finished up our loaf of bread for some fresh hot toast, butter and jam. We have been doing very well with our supplies and have enough on board for mid-morning snacks and dinner tonight when we are back at the marina.

We have to have the boat back today (Friday) at 14h30 for the initial check over by the Moorings crew.

More later...

Back at the marina with time to spare. The crew did a great job helping us dock, a couple of them even jumped on the boat and started tying us off. Great - but where were they at all the other harbours??? LOL

The boat inspection lasted about one hour - checking the sails and all the major systems. Then at 17h00 a diver came to inspect the outside hull of the boats. No problems, we passed our inspection and relaxed for the evening watching the other boats coming into the marina at the ends of their respective vacations.

Dinner was on the boat. We had some a nice curry with lemongrass, coconut milk and peppers served over some white rice. A nice ending meal for our day. Tomorrow off the boat at 08h30, then to some sight seeing in Athens, then to the Sofitel hotel at the airport for our trek home.

More tomorrow...

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