Day 14 Sounion

Left the harbour at 08h05. Another bumpy ride to Sounion. This time the winds reached 37 knots at times. Some of us remained in the cabin the entire, some of us stayed outside. Sometimes names are not important LOL.

Breakfast on the boat was prepared the night before hand – some hashbrowns with peppers, sausage and onions. Very tasty. We also had some hard boiled eggs, toast and sliced tomato. Hard to get too fancy when the boat is rocking like a bucking bronco!

We arrived at the Sounion harbour at 12h20 under the watchful gaze of Poseidon’s Temple. After we arrived and Mary was finishing up the dishes, we watched as our cabin was slowly taken over by flies. Anyone who knows me, knows I have some bug issues. It was like a horror movie!!! Since the cabin was the most windless spot in the vicinity, seems we attracted almost every fly from the onshore restaurants. There must have been about 100 flies initially and as Lori went on her killing spree, for each fly she killed, it seemed to reincarnate into three more!! The boys went ashore in search of some bug spray after a fruitless search of the boat for some. They returned empty handed. After a proper search, by a female, we found some bug spray in the cupboard. Dale took one for the team and fogged the main cabins and all berths. We then left them to die a hopefully miserable, squirming, twitching death.

We took the dinghy ashore and had some lunch. It was good, but I think we preferred the more rustic fare of the smaller islands. Lunch was Greek salad; small fry fish; fava bean dip; fresh bread; souvlakis and calamaris.

After lunch, we came back to the boat. Dale and Rob took a walk up to Poseidon’s temple for some photos and to take in the fantastic view.

We didn’t have dinner that night, just some snacks and drinks. We sat outside and watched the stars and tried to soak in our final views of Greece. The view this night we will remember is the Temple atop the hill lighted up against a charcoal starry sky. Simply gorgeous.

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