Day 13 Kythnos

Apparently extension cords are quite the rage in these marinas. Two sailboats of Russians on a sailing course pulled up and their instructor/skipper promptly pulled out an extension cord for them all to plug in. Seems we have a lot to learn about sailing in the Aegean.

The parents enjoyed lunch on the boat – leftover tortellini and some garlic bread. The rest of us had lunch at a nice taverna. Stefano, our host, was very nice. He even offered us the use of this computer and internet – our first such offer since we left Athens. We had purchased a Wi-Plus card for the internet, but it was rather fickle. We spent 5 euros for 90 minutes of online time. Hopefully we’ll be able to us it in Athens, perhaps at the airport. I digress. Lunch was very good. Spaghetti Bolognese; spaghetti carbonara; local meatballs, which looked more like sausages; and some calamari.

Pat and Mike decided to leave a day earlier than scheduled and took the 15h30 ferry which would ultimately take them to Athens.

Dinner this evening was on the boat. Barley mushroom risotto; Greek salad; pork tenderloin with a bread stuffing with ham, onion, dill, garlic and parsley, with a Vermouth reduction. Tres yummy.

On to Sounion tomorrow, early start as we are one man down and I think I have been nominated as anchor girl. We’ll see.

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