Day 12 Kythnos

We set sail today at 07h30, hoping for a smooth sail from Serifos. Not so. Today was almost as rough as the first day. Breakfast was a treacherous dance with hot grease in the pan. 30 knot winds – an 8 on the Beaufort Scale of Wind Strength, near gale force winds! 50 – 61 km winds, 4 – 6 m swells, very, very bumpy.

We officially anchored at 11h58, beside a huge cruiser called Proteus – Piraeus in Greek. We’ll have to look that one up too. Thankfully we got in early again, as it got quite busy in the harbour later. The boys are experts now at backing the boat up to the wharf, setting the bow anchor and tying off. The same boat, which shall remain nameless made another appearance, had a failed attempt at anchoring, unanchored another boat and slinked away into the sunset.

We had dinner out tonight – another fantastic meal. An assortment of appetizers were brought out to us tonight. Cheese balls; fried cheese – similar in texture to haloumi cheese; grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice; roasted red peppers with olive oil; green peppers cooked with tomatoes; tzatziki; black-eyed pea salad; grilled octopus salad; tomato balls; and fresh baked bread. This should have been enough, but alas, we ARE on vacation afterall. The main courses were as tasty. Lamb cooked with cippolini onions; lamb cooked in tomato sauce; cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and ground beef with a creamy lemon sauce; small fish fry; fried pork chop (Mike is nothing if consistent); fresh grilled Dorado. Our complimentary dessert today was unfortunately not a favourite. Preserved fruits – oranges, cherries, ginger, pineapple and lemon.

So far, so good on Kythnos. More tomorrow.

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