Day 11 Serifos

Left the harbour at 11h00 under bright sunny skies. The sea was calm and the weather nice. We were able to spend most of the journey sitting out on the bow of the boat. Sitting on the starboard bow seat and peering down into the water was truly amazing. My reflection into the water caused a very neat visual effect with the water – the colour of the water was sapphire. The whole effect was actually quite visually stunning. It looked like a giant sapphire marble with my reflection as the centre of the eye.

We were also graced with the presence of a pod of 8 dolphins, including a baby. They swam with us for a while right at the bow between the pontoons for about 3 minutes, then left. It was really something quite special to see. This was the most dolphins many of us had ever seen in the wild.

The sail today was about 2 hours. We did some prep before departure and were able to have lunch onboard. Baked tortellini with tomato sauce and herbs and some garlic bread. It was muy tasty!

We arrived around 13h00 under 27C sunny skies to a relatively quiet harbour. This would not last. By 14h00 it was like rush hour. Early bird gets the slip! We were happy we arrived early enough to get a spot. It was turning into quite a show. With each new arrival, Mike (82) would leap into action and offer his assistance to help them tie-off. After a while, with so many boats, we all sat back, sipped some Ouzo and rated the sailors’ attempts at backing into their spots. Mike’s rating system was rather amusing, with the more scantily clad sailors losing points for trying to influence the judges! One boat in particular in trying to leave un-anchored the same boat twice then left shame-faced to anchor elsewhere. Ahhh – yachters…

The next commotion was the fight for power. There were too many boats and way too few outlets. You have to buy a card for 1.50 euros which gives you 1 kilowatt hour. We had no trouble plugging in, and the second boat had power. The third boat we got to know and once we had all of our computers, iPods, etc. all charged up, we happily shared – as Canadians do! This is when things got interesting. A boat of Europeans arrived (nationality omitted) and the captain hopped off the boat with an extension cord. His partner, a red-head, marched over and mockingly tried unplugging the cord we had given to our neighbour – this action was met by snarls from many. There were mutterings about lines, fairness, waiting your turn etc. The little Euro captain seeing the fight he may have on his hands, talked to our neighbour, produced a card and everyone lived happily every after…we think!

Dinner was once again very tasty. Greek salads; swordfish skewers; lamb cooked with lemon; beef with orzo; fried calamari with lemon; pasticcio – wonderfully reminiscent of Bajan baked macaroni and cheese with those long hollow noodles, ground beef with a hint of cloves and a b├ęchamel sauce on top, baked until golden brown…mmmm.

We stopped at a cool jewelry shop on the way back for a few souvenirs. We got back to the boat for a nightcap but no Durham County yet – we’ll have to wait another night to see what happens to Ray Praeger!

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