Day 10 Sifnos

After leaving on schedule from Ios, we arrived in Sifnos at 15h40, just ahead of the ferry. The ferry causes a HUGE wake for our boat, and we try to time our departures and arrivals so as not to coincide with the ferry – oh well.
Soon after pulling up the boys saw a local fisherman trying to catch some octopus in the harbour. His lure was a fake crab with a couple of hooks in the middle. While we were there he caught one – the boys were quite pleased to catch this in action. The fisherman said he would put it in the refrigerator for 3 days, and then it would be ready to eat.
We went for a short walk to acquaint ourselves with the small town and to scope out a place for dinner. Dinner tonight was relatively early for us – 18h00!! No lunch, so we were all starving.
We went to a nice local family owned restaurant. The owner spoke little English, be we know that octo is eight in Greek, so we can always get a table. She was very lovely, even tried to teach us the colours in Greek. We had another excellent, excellent dinner. She-goat kid cooked with tomato – our first taste of goat in the islands. Exquisite! Oven roasted lamb; fried calamari; a delectable veal chop that was so tender and moist and oh so slightly pink in the centre. Our complimentary dessert tonight was lemon cookies and ginger cookies sprinkled with chopped pistachios.
We then went for a walk and Eric had a very tart but delicious lemon ice cream. We shared a small bowl of Neapolitan. Homemade ice cream rules!!
The next morning the Hennigars went for breakfast at a very trendy cafĂ© on the beach. We had omelets and Eric had a giant crepe. We got back to the boat and filled up our water tanks – 400 L for 4 Euros – which I thought was quite reasonable, but Rob said it usually costs 2 Euros for 400 L. Sailors LOL.
We got some lovely pottery from a local craftsman and bought some bagel-pretzel type pastries with anise and sesame seed. Similar to a pretzel or biscotti – interesting, not sure if I like them yet.
We had a small toilet issue, which on a boat is a huge issue. No toilet means no joy. We asked around for some marine toilet lubricant, but no luck. We ended up sacrificing some of our extra virgin olive oil down all the toilets, about a quarter-cup each. Worked like a charm.
We set sail at tomorrow for Serifos.

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