Bison Medallions with Wild Mushroom Sauce

Well - back from Greece, but certainly not finished with blogging about food!!

I have decided to add some local dishes to my catering menus and started tonight with some bison from Sasloves.

Bison is a very lean meat and should be served medium-rare to medium at most.

Did some research today. What does that mean for me? I search through as many recipes as I can find until I find a theme on cooking method, temperatures etc. I settled on bison medallions with wild mushroom sauce.

I went to the LCBO in search of a porter ale for my recipe. They didn't have one, so I settled on a Tankhouse ale from Mill St. I love their organic beer.

I made the sauce - onion, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, beef stock and the ale. Also added a pinch of nutmeg and hotsauce to the dish. D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R! Obviously when they said Porter ale, they meant it. It was disgustingly bitter. All attempts at rectifying went unheeded. Next step was to trash the sauce and start again.

Luckily, I still had some of the mushrooms left and I started again. Sweated some onions and garlic in some olive oil; added the mushrooms and let me get nice and caramelized. This takes some time with these meaty moist mushrooms. From here is where I left the original recipe and took my own road. I didn't add any butter to this batch. When the mushrooms were sufficiently browned, I added the stock, then a splash of bourbon. I LOVE bourbon. My favourite so far is Woodford Reserve by Labrot & Graham. I let these liquids boil down until there was a pan of deliciously coated mushrooms.

I pan seared the bison medallions in some extra virgin olive oil until they were cooked to medium-rare. I covered them with some tin foil to rest and steamed some snowpeas to go with them. I served the bison with a side salad of mixed baby greens, cucumber and red onion. In hommage to our trip, I find myself needing to make Greek salad every day! However, I can't eat tomatoes, peppers or cow's milk products for a while (long story). I found this wonderful French fresh sheep's milk feta style cheese from President's Choice called Brebis - wonderful substitute.

Served it with a glass of Santa Alicia Reserva Carmenere.

Muy delicioso!!

Tomorrow - duck breast!!


P.S.: Didn't have the Nikon out for the photo, only the little Kodak, but you get the idea.

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