One more sleep...

Can't believe that we are leaving tomorrow already! Time has surely flown since Lori & I started planning this trip. And of course, there are still a tonne of things to do. Laundry, clean the house (wouldn't normally care about this, but we are having houseguests...), iron, pack clothes...

Well whether it gets done or not, the plane will be leaving on time, so time to shut-up and get it done!

Organizing my kitchen kit - which sounds more organized than it really is! I have transformed a man's bathroom travel bag into my kitchen kit. It's about 12"x 8" x 4" with two compartments. It usually contains the following: skewers, butcher twine, vegetable peeler, wine opener, paring knife and various spices. A few years back when I was at GNC they had some stackable pill containers. They are about diameter of a twoonie and about 1" tall. Each one screws into the other and they are grouped into 6 containers each. I fill each container with some spices/herbs for the trip. Sometimes obsure things that I a) wouldn't want to buy a whole container of and b) will only use once! I have ground fennel, curry powder, star anise, cumin, smoked paprika and lots more.

Of course a large part of the fun is shopping in the local markets, where we can find fresh produce and herbs. I also pack my two freshly sharpened Sanelli knives - a chef knife and a Japanese style chopping knife - TOO many bad experiences with dull knives. Also like to pack a small plastic cutting board - again, bad experience with cutting boards. Who ever thought it was a good idea to make glass cutting boards - is there a better way to dull your knives?? Anyone who knows me knows I have a thing about sharp knives (insert evil laugh here...)

Trying to pack on the light-side this time. Bringing one rolling duffle bag, a pullman knapsack and a large purse. Now, I am not nervous flyer by any means, but I am a fidget when I fly, so I usually have my iPod, PSP (with extended battery pack), netbook, several books and crossword puzzles. Yes - I usually do use them all. Hopefully there will be individual TV monitors and they will be working!!

I will be posting updates every couple of days. Got a new phone - HTC Dream - lovin' it!!! I successfully downloaded an app that lets me tether it to my netbook and get 3G speeds where available. Works great! Got all my data stuff sorted out with Rogers so no surprise bills when I get back...lessons learned ;-)


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