Mobile Internet

Trying to decide the best way to stay in touch while we are in Greece. Looked into some mobile internet options over there and they are expensive and seems to be a bit of a pain to get something for only a couple of weeks.

Two of us are with Rogers and that seems like the best way to go. They are now offering travel plans for a 30-day period. Excellent! The prices are pretty good - we are intending to tether our cellphones to netbooks. Some experiments have been done to see how much data we use. If we compose offline, then cut and paste it shouldn't be too bad. The rates are 10 MB for $5/MB; 25 MB for $4/MB; and 100 mb for $3/MB. They also offer the same rates for overages in each category. The usual price used to be $30/MB for international - I think they've seen the light.

Their rates have come WAY down. They used to charge in the neighbourhood of $50/MB for data if you didn't have plan. I heard stories (myself included) about people with gigantic cellphone bills - like over $1500 (like me). Oh well, live and learn.

Two weeks and counting from today until we leave - whoo hoo!


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