Greetings from Kalamaki, Athens Day 2

Well after non-eventual flights, we have arrived safe and sound in Athens. We arrived yesterday at 12h30, went to the Metropolitan hotel then proceeded to Plakas to have some mezze (Greek style tapas). The mezze were amazing. We had: tiny fried sardines, fried baramouli (small snapper style fish), fried kefalotiki cheese, grilled octopus w/ tomatoes, amazingly fresh kalamata olives (Cleb you would be in heaven!) village sausage w/ french fries, porcini mushrooms w/ garlic lemon and parsley, a shot of ouzo and some Amstel. Very nice, family style restaurant called Olymbus Naousa.

We then made a small trek towards the Parthenon. Plakas was very nice. Lots of little shops and restaurants. Nothing was really too busy as the Greeks don't even think about havingdinner until 22h00! By this time it was about 18h30 and the guy at the gate said that we wouldn't be able to see the whole thing in the alloted time (since they close at 20h00), so we decided to come back on the day we get back into port.

We took a taxi back from Plakas, got to the hotel and headed to watch the sunset over the Aegean sea. Very nice. The photo attached would have had better light, but someone was a little slow getting the camera (ahem, ahem).

We had some lovely sundowners and were able to see the Acropolis light up. Then it was time for bed - we were very pooped.

Today is Saturday, September 26th and we are now on the boat! It is very nice and as described. Rob and the boys had the captain's briefing and Lori & I went to provision the boat.

We found some nice shops - a small butcher shop that had some really neat meats - one dish, which you cook in a bag is marinated beef, tomato, green pepper and some feta. We'll have that on Monday night with some roast potatoes. We also found a nice stuffed chicken roast and some nice sausage that we will cook with some pasta.

Next to the bakery for some fresh bread, cookies, pop, wine and other goodies. The shopkeeper was lovely and gave us a small bag of savoury snacks to bring back. Next was the produce shop where we got some fresh veggie, olive oil, balsamic, and other stuff. We felt like sherpas heading back to the boat!

We found some wi-fi here in the marina, so we are not paying Rogers for this email.

So far so good - weather today is overcast, but about 25C. Supposed to be nice mid-week - we'll see!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

More soon!


  1. Hey everyone,

    This is Chad and LeAnn. Having a great time following your travels. Very jealous. Got any pink guitars there?

  2. Lori: Hi LeAnn and Chad - no pink guitars, but we are making sure we are having our daily allotment of ouzo!