Day 3 on Satyam Melody – Kea

After a lovely breakfast on the boat, we got underway to Kea at around 09h45. It’s a 38 mile sail from Athens to Kea – it was a very bumpy ride – if it wasn’t strapped down on the boat, then it was a-bouncing – us included! En route, we had lunch on the boat – some local cheese, salami, bread and some smoked salmon paste in a tube. Easy and satisfying.
Some interesting sites along the way – in between bracing ourselves against the wind and waves, we saw and were able to photograph Poseidon’s Temple. Spectacular against the the sky – I’m sure if we were closer it would have been very imposing!
We arrived in Kea at 15h45 – much less windy now and warmer in the little harbour. We set anchor and four of us went ashore - Dale, myself, Lori & Rob. The others stayed behind for a little siesta.
Kea is very arid and hilly. We walked over to a restaurant for some mezze and met the owner who was actually closing up for the season and heading back to Athens. He gladly opened up and served us. His name was Cristos and his restaurant was the St. George. The snacks were wonderful. We had some lamb meatballs with mint; zucchini, corn and dill fritters; and some very tasty feta dip with some grilled bread. Everything was wonderful. We ended with some complimentary desserts – flan - crème caramel and some home made chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce. Fantastic. Of course, we also had to have our daily ration of Ouzo – it’s growing on us and our day in Greece is not complete without it!
We got back to the boat and relaxed a while before starting dinner. We had some braised lentils, and a fantastic chicken roast that we picked up at the butcher shop before we left. It was going to be a surprise when it finished cooking as we weren’t sure what was inside the roast – perhaps some of the ingredients got lost in translation – only thing we knew for sure was that we didn’t want any liver inside!
When it came out of the oven it was golden brown and it was smelled wonderful. It was white chicken meat stuffed with dark chicken meat, green pepper, carrots, prosciutto and cheese. It was wonderful – hoping to find one again.
Dale pointed out the ISS and we watched it pass over the horizon – he was quite pleased. We also were able to download an application to my cellphone that allowed us to pinpoint some constellations. Nice clear evening – a little on the cool side, but no wind – about 15C.
Until tomorrow…

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