Adamas, Milos Greece

Long sailing day today – 60 miles to get to Milos. We got underway bright and early at 07h00 and were out of the harbour at 07h30. Lori prepared breakfast on our rocky journey. It was a very bumpy ride once again, but Captain Rob has assured us that the bumpy ones are behind us. We’ll see.
We arrived at the port of Adamas, Milos at 16h30 and after some tricky backing up to the wharf, we dropped anchor. Deep sigh of relief for our crew.
We did a little exploring, but everything was closed as it was Greek siesta time. The stores open at 08h00 and close at 15h00 then open again from 18h00 to 22h00. Except the bakery which is open all day until midnight! Yikes, very dangerous. Their version of an all-night drive through.
Once the shops were open we picked up a few provisions. We plan on being here all day tomorrow and leaving the harbour for Folegandros on Wednesday morning.
We had a very rustic Greek dinner at a local dinner. We shared Greek salads, grilled octopus and tomato balls – which weren’t exactly balls, rather slices of ripe tomato which were battered then deep fried. Not for me, but the tomato lovers thought they were fantastic. Buddy enjoyed his own grilled Dorado – which he picked out fresh from the cabinet; Mary enjoyed some grilled lamb chops; Lori had seafood pasta – which was huge and contained pasta with tomato sauce, whole grilled shrimp, baby octopus and some mussels; Rob and both had the Lamb on Spit – which was very tasty; and Pat had battered cod with garlic sauce which really wasn’t sauce nor was it very garlicky. It was actually cold mashed potatoes. Strange thing here actually – your meat comes piping hot and unless you order French fries, your side comes nice and chilled. No comment.
We then headed back for some night caps and off to bed around 23h00. New adventures tomorrow…

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